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Flowers by Night

After several years in Australia, my visa expired and it was time to return home. It wasn't the plan, but as John Lennon said, plans are what we make while life happens. 

Flying to Australia is long and for me a time of reflection, crossing the Equator and International Date Line into Tomorrow. Flying back, however, is something I find disconcerting, often more than twenty hours in the air and traveling into Yesterday in the process. Too, moving from sea level to life at 7,000 feet takes adjustment beyond jet-lag and time travel. After some years in Australia, New Mexico seemed exotic, alien.

And I was often awake at night.

Datura in Moonlight
Midnight Datura
Datura Hurricane
Datura Unspooling
Datura at Night 4
Dawn Light on Cactus Blossoms
Blossom's End 6
Datura Opens
Moonlight Blossom
Cactus Flowers Moon and Candlelight
Datura Dream
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